Serenading the Indigo Child

by Lucid Sound Driver

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ASTRAL 09:55
Immersion 03:33


Ambient Paths Series #003

Rain beats soft against the window... Lying down now... With each passing second, I feel myself slowly drift away... I can't move... What's happening to me? I want to call for help, but my lips won't move, I'm scared. My body becomes numb and I feel myself slowly drift to the ceiling.

I've lost the sense of everything I know. My reality slowly trails away...
It's dark now, and I feel alone. Am I dead? Am I dreaming? I feel so lost... Feel helpless, but I can't let go...

A light appears in the distance, I feel drawn towards it... I pick myself up and move forward. As I do my reality begins to shift around me. I drift through ever changing landscapes, through temporal environments... Then it's gone...

I find myself among the stars. I feel weightless as I soar onwards. As I draw closer I feel an overwhelming energy sensation. My body is overwhelmed, I can barely control this feeling.

I push through and find myself in a hallway, It feels like home... I recognize it all, but it's not my home as I know it. This place is different. As I move along it stretches endlessly. There is something about this place. I feel the presence of forces greater than myself, guiding me, helping me continue onwards... I don't know where I'm going but I know it is right.

I see a doorway before me... It's lined in geometrical shapes, an octahedron styled window in the center lights my path.

I open the door... It's too bright to see. I reach out towards the light and slowly walk in the room. Immersed, bathed in lush shades of Indigo, becoming pure energy.

I wake up suddenly in my room, it's morning... I try to catch remnants of my dream put it slowly fades away. What happened?

* The child drifts back to their reality and the memory is locked away. They can't recall the journey they endured but the experience still lies within... The Indigo Child has shown itself and will soon blossom again, one day when the child is has grown... One day they will come to grasps with it and take hold of their memories once more. *


released September 30, 2016

All music written, performed, recorded and mastered by Jack Murphey

Lucid Sound Driver